Time to Test Drive an Overland Electric Cart is Running Out!

The Final Week of Quarter Horse Congress is Here!


The American Quarter Horse Congress has been an absolute blast.  Overland Electric Carts & Wheelbarrows have received rave reviews from previous owners and those that have tried the carts out at the show.  The time savings provided by the motorized carts are easy to see in the equine industry.

Feed Faster

Overland Electric Platform Combination Cart – 10 Cu. Ft. Hopper


The Overland Electric Platform Combo Cart allows for quick and efficient feeding.  Set your supplements, specialty feed, or watering bucket on the 24″ W x 22.5″ L platform.  Then load up the hopper with feed or hay.  The Overland Cart takes the grunt work out of feeding and also saves time by allowing more feed to be carried at one time.

Mucking Stalls 

Cleaning stalls is one of the least enjoyable parts of owning a horse.  It requires hard work, multiple trips to the dump pile, and lots of shavings.  The 750 lb capacity on the Overland Powered Wheelbarrow ensures that you will never be able to pile enough poop in the cart to overload it.  Load it up knowing that with a twist of the throttle you will be on your way out to the dump pile.   Simply release the spring loaded pin and easily dump the hopper.  New shavings do not have much weight, however, they do take up a considerable amount of space.  The 10 cubic foot wheelbarrow hopper is nearly double that of most standard wheelbarrows.  This allows for maximum volume and minimal loads. Continue reading Time to Test Drive an Overland Electric Cart is Running Out!