Hot sellers at the 2015 Rental Show!

Granite’s Top 5 Products from the 2015 ARA Show

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Granite Industries would like to say thank you to the ARA and it’s members.  Your continued support along with feedback and suggestions have helped to shape our company into what it is today.  The 2015 show was no exception.  Featuring new and updated products, the Granite booth was a happening place!  New this year is our online store.  Shop online anytime.

Granite’s Top 5

1.  Mantis-X Hand Cart
67092-2TThe Mantis-X has been a standard cart from American Cart for three years.  Developed out of a demand to carry oversized awkward loads, the cart has developed
to accommodate much more than that.  The most feature was the chair pallet accessory.  This allows the easy stacking of up to 50 chairs.  The chair pallets have casters so they can be used to store chairs when they are not being transported.  The 34″ forks are 15″ apart and allow for maximum versatility around the shop.  Featuring no flat tires and a capacity of 750 pounds, this cart is ready to go at anytime and with any load.

2.  66″ Leg Table Chair Cart
67038-3TYear after year this continues to be one of the most popular items at the ARA show.  Capable of holding folding chairs, banquet tables and 5 foot round tables, this solves the ever common “storage” problem.  The table cart can be stacked up to three high, allowing for maximum floor space efficiency.  The cart features fork truck lifting brackets for easy moving.  The 1,500 pound capacity speaks to the excellent build quality.   The e-strap system was the final feature that really interested customers.  Strap in the load from 6 different points.


3.  Multi Mover XT Hand Truck
67245-2TThe XT is an American Cart exclusive product.  Developed from the standard Multi Mover, this cart is bigger and offers an increased capacity when compared to it’s little brother.  When discussing this cart with customers at the show, the versatility was the most appealing feature.  The folding plate is an extended size of 31″L x 27″W.  This allows for maximum carrying capacity.  Capable of moving up to 1,000 lbs and backed with a three year warranty, this cart is ready for heavy use.



4.  Steel Crowd Control Fencing
A50015-10-2Tlmost everyone needs it and we sold quite a bit bit of it during the 2015 show.  The galvanized steel construction and price point appealed the most to customers.  The steel fencing comes together easily and allows for quick setup and tear down.  It comes with a set of feet, either flat or arched.



5.  Overland C27-10A Electric Wheelbarrow

70022-2TThe Overland electric wheelbarrows have been steadily increasing in popularity.  Now in it’s third generation, Overland carts have been developed and constructed for maximum quality and performance.   Comments at the show revolved around the ease of use and practicality of the cart.  It can be helpful in so many different applications with 750 pounds of moving capacity.  Overland carts are engineered and manufactured by Granite Industries in the Ohio plant to ensure each cart operates properly.



In the wake of a great 2015 show, Granite is still committed to excellence from engineering to final assembly.  We stand behind our products and are continually innovating to bring you the best product and value.  We look forward to seeing you again in 2016.

Show: The Rental Show
Association: American Rental Association (ARA)
Dates: February 23rd – February 25th
Location: New Orleans
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Granite Representatives: Chad Kern, Matt Wyse & Steve Wyse
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