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Electric Wheelbarrows and Scaffolding, Ready for any Concrete Job Site!




Overland Electric Wheelbarrows – Ready for Concrete

The Overland Cart has been tested in the cement industry and come out a winner.  Mix concrete right in the hopper or pour it in from a truck, both are simple tasks with the Overland.   Four wheels provide more stability and control, so no more tipping, no more messes. Our C-Series carts offer best in class Brentwood hi-density polyethylene hoppers for maximum durability and strength.  Fill it up with whatever you’ve got: cement, gravel, stone, dirt, – Overland Carts can handle it!


Granite Scaffolding

Snappy Scaffold System

Snappy - Single No GR
Snappy SP-6 Utility Scaffold

The Snappy SP-6 scaffold system is the premier utility scaffold on the market.  Engineered and manufactured with quality in mind, this scaffold system impresses in all areas.  The Snappy SP-6 line of scaffolding features an industry exclusive “Snappy” operation.  A spring loaded G-pin allows for quick yet safe adjustments. This leads to quicker and safer height adjustments.  Available in 6′, 8′ and 10′ lengths.  Heights range from 27 inches to 6 feet.  Add on a guardrail, or double the height with the Double Snappy.
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Power Snappy Motorized Work Platform

power snappy v 3

The Power Snappy is an industry first!  Using an all electric drivetrain, this scaffold tower is free to move at the flick of a wrist.  The Power Snappy is now in it’s second generation of development.  Never content to sit back, the Electric Power Snappy has continually improved and is a robust work platform capable of saving significant labor hours.  See video below.
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Roof Fencing

The roof protection system from Granite is designed to make work environments safer.  OSHA is emphasizing safer working conditions for employees.  This fencing lowers the risk of a serious accident on the job site while promoting safe practices.  The roof protection fencing comes in three different lengths; 4′, 6′ and 8′.  The feet are nailed to the roof to provide stability to the fence section.
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Adjustable Work Planks

Granite adjustable work planks provide the ultimate in versatility.  Available in the lengths: 6’-9’, 8-13’, 10’-16’, there is always the perfect length for the job.  Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, these walk boards are lightweight, strong, and durable.  Stretch from ladder to ladder or scaffold to scaffold.  Capable of handling 1,000 pounds each, they are safer and built better than the competitors.  The slip resistant surface keeps people and products where they should be.  Made in the USA.
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California Rental Rally 2015

Granite Industries at the 2015 CRA Show!


We are excited to be part of the CRA and to be at the 2015 CRA Rental Rally!

Granite Industries Inc. was founded in 1997 by Steve Wyse.  Steve has propelled Granite to the top of the scaffold industry with 43 years of scaffolding experience.  While our headquarters is in Ohio, we have warehouses around the country. In addition to scaffold, Granite is a leader in staging, bleachers, carts and fencing products.  Granite Industries has two primary brands under its company umbrella; American Cart and Overland.  American Cart is the Granite division of USA made hand trucks and specialty carts.  These carts provide innovative solutions to common material handling problems.

Continuing in material handling, Granite received requests for increased moving capacity.  Overland Electric Carts was born out of this request in 2009.  Overland carts are built around an all-electric powertrain.  The electric carts are capable of moving 750 lbs in a 10 cu. ft. Brentwood hopper.  Now in its third generation, Overland Carts have been continually adapted to improve reliability and user experience.

Our products are often exclusive Granite designs and lead the industry in safety and quality. Granite will design special items to help you complete your job, safely and on time. Our goal is to provide excellent, high quality products at a great price with superior customer service, honesty and integrity. We hope that you will consider our products for all your scaffold & material handling needs.

See you at the show!

Show: California Rental Association Rental Rally (CRA)
Dates: January 26th – January 28th
Monday, Jan. 26th – 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Tuesday, Jan. 27th – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday, Jan. 28th – 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: South Point Casino & Convention Center
Booth Number: 730
Granite Representatives: Chad Kern
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Overland Electric Carts at CENTS Show 2015!

Overland Electric Carts – Making landscaping easy!

Overland Carts are manufactured by Granite Industries. Developed since 2009, Overland now represents the top of the motorized cart market. These carts use completely electric drive trains capable of moving 750 lbs while not emitting emissions or noise.

Overland Carts at CENTS! Booth 2522


All Green Operation
Overland electric wheelbarrows and carts have been developed since day 1 to be an all green.   The electric drive train uses a powerful electric motor powered by a 24V battery.  The electric motor powers the wheels and allows for easy starts even with 750 lbs of load.  Overland developed a feature called Smooth-Start which controls the start to ensure controlled take off each time.  The electric motor allows for use indoors, outdoors or in green houses.  No need to worry about fumes as the Overland cart is emission free.

Brentwood Hoppers
Overland has intentionally sourced nearly all the cart components from the USA.  The hopper comes from the wheelbarrow industry leader, Brentwood, located in Pennsylvania.  Made from high quality UV test high-density polyethylene, this polymer is 50% lighter than a comparable steel bucket and does not have the risk of rusting.

Maintenance and Clean up
Overland electric wheelbarrows are virtually maintenance free.  There are no oil changes or air filter changes.  The lack of chains and belts increase safety and also reduce downtime.  Clean up can be done in about 30 seconds with a hose or water bucket.  Cement, dirt or mud, it all washes away leaving the electric wheelbarrow looking brand new.

Perfect for Landscaping
Overland electric carts make even the most exhausting project seem easy.  Capable of moving 750 lbs on a level surface or 500 lbs up an incline, these carts will save trips and your back.  Fertilizer bags, top soil, plants, water buckets, or whatever else you can dream of, the Overland cart can handle it.  Used in the industry for years now, we have heard plenty of positive feedback from happy landscapers!

Show: Central Environmental Nursery Trade Show (CENTS)
Dates: January 7th – January 9th
Wednesday, Jan. 7th – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday, Jan. 8th – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday, Jan. 9th – 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center
Booth Number: 2522
Granite Representatives: Matt Wyse
Special: Available upon request  –
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Overland Home Page: Overland Carts